spring briefing.

A little briefing about the new collection that will be releasing 4.25.12 (midnight tonight)…

Over that past year or so, we’ve really focused on creating something new & began to thoroughly understand the importance of change. Thank you for supporting this change that has inevitably allowed us to do some things that our minds wouldn’t have thought was possible 2-3 years ago. It has allowed us to put less emphasis on “branding” and focus solely on products that resemble why we do what we do. Because of this, some of our favorites products came into existence & we’re thankful to have been able to share that with you.

With that being said, this next collection is for you. I think you’ll find a nice balance with the new, as well as original direction. We’re not taking a step back, we’re just bringing a few things that we know as stheart, back into the light.

Change your mind, not your roots.

See you guys at midnight!